The Limits of High Gas Mileage

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In making policy and predicting market strategy, and the doomer in me says, in preparation for collapse, we need to know what the absolute limits are on personal transportation efficiency. That is, the limits which no amount of engineering can … Continued

First Leaf of Spring

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from a press release by Michael Chiacos, Transportation Specialist, Community Environmental Council  at (805) 963-0583, ext. 110  or   Plug In Santa Barbara Welcomes the First Nissan Leaf Pure Electric Vehicle to Our Region   Santa Barbara is projected … Continued

China Goes EV

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from Automotive News China: China Inc. moves full speed to embrace EVs quoting….. SHANGHAI — Even for a person like me who covers China’s auto industry on a daily basis, I can’t help feeling amazed at how fast the government … Continued

The Methadone Economy by Tom Konrad

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John here, this is a very long quote from the end of a long series of posts on investing in alternative energy. I think it is extraordinarily clear-headed, and clearly stated. It mixes discussion of the technical limits of what … Continued