The BBS02 is my motor system of choice these days.

The BBS02 unit can be ridden as a pedalec or the pedalec can be over ridden by the hand throttle, either a thumb or twist grip are available with this kit. The kit comes with brake levers with cutoff switches and a nice digital display. A wiring harness with water resistant snap connectors link all the stuff together. i think there is temp shut off in the motor unit and a 25A controller is built in.

You live in a hilly area and the BBS02 unit will allow you to use the gears at the rear – which will make a big difference (When using the BBS02 unit you loose the front gears – but because the unit has more power than 2-3-4 of you, I don’t think this will matter for street riding). You will spend about twice as much but your long term satisfaction will be much better with the above system.

I suggest a mid range quality bike you can get on CraigsList for $200 to $400. A full suspension mountain bike is best but may cost a bit more. A comfort bike like the seven speed Townie can be found used for about $300 if you are patient. There are quite a few commuter or hybrid bikes on CL that would work just fine. Something with a disc brake in front would be good…most comfort bike suspension forks are not up to the task. If the bike has front suspension look for min 30mm stanchions. Fatter tires than standard will make for a cush ride.

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bbs02 Motor Assembly 2

BBS02-display BBS02-Brake-levers-&-throttle