Lightweight Buggy Conversion

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The converts a Chinese off-road 250cc buggy to electric. An extensive build log with pictures: dune bug-e part 4 ( no relation to the Bug-E three wheeler) [youtube _CmewtgwFqg] These buggies are available for as little as $1700 brand … Continued

Honda Announces Lithium Scooter

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WSJ article Nikkei news It’s a modern version of the ubiquitous Super90, and likely aimed at the Chinese market. Yamaha is likely to announce some electric models soon too. more to come….

Tilting Prototype TBX3

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Tom Blackburn, heard from occasionally on the list, has a new video compilation of his prototype [youtube zAcMmYSe6qA] While this is gas-powered, it has the ideal aero profile and mass for an electric power train. Opinions may vary on … Continued