E bike beats Gas Bikes

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Really quite amazing. An independently-designed e-bike made the podium twice at a WERA club race at Fontana Speedway California. details: RoadRacingWorld article On-board race video

China Goes EV

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from Automotive News China: China Inc. moves full speed to embrace EVs quoting….. SHANGHAI — Even for a person like me who covers China’s auto industry on a daily basis, I can’t help feeling amazed at how fast the government … Continued

The Methadone Economy by Tom Konrad

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John here, this is a very long quote from the end of a long series of posts on investing in alternative energy. I think it is extraordinarily clear-headed, and clearly stated. It mixes discussion of the technical limits of what … Continued

X Prize

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The Automotive X Prize: $10 million in prizes will be awarded in September 2010 to the teams that win a rigorous stage competition for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPG energy equivalent (MPGe). We are proud to announce that … Continued

Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency

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The 2010 Summit on Energy Efficiency. From the official website, go there for more information and to register. Wednesday, May 12 8:00-8:30AM Registration Continental breakfast & networking 8:30-8:45AM Welcome * Henry Yang, Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara * Dave Auston, Executive … Continued

Accelerometer Basics

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Accelerometers, found in iPads and Wiimotes and airbags and so forth, can be used to track all sorts of movement. For example lean angle on a motorcycle, or acceleration on anything. here’s a tutorial on some basics that looks pretty … Continued