Info and recommendations for the BBS02 eBike motor kit

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About the Bafang 8Fun BBS02 eBike motor kits…

“Hi Guys,
it’s LP It’s been a while since I’ve been  to meeting. but I’m interested in converting, creating an electric bike .so I need help. can you lead me towards some sites and who I should buy some components and what components I need, which ones I can make all help is greatly appreciated I’d want to build a work horse, 12 mile one direction, carry 200 lbs. maybe tow a trailer. I have a mongoose frame, and $1000.
thanks LP”


I don’t think you can do what you want with a quality motor kit and li battery for $1K.

Least expensive is a hub motor with a LFP4 battery…just maybe you can do this for $1000. But here is why I do not recommend it: Hub motors do not allow you to use the bikes gears…and for carrying a 200# load and yourself and the bike this is hard for a prime time hub motor to do. Geared hub motors are better for getting you going off the line than a direct drive hub motors. Of course you can mod hub motors to get over 3KW’s but I do not get the sense that this is the way you want to go, because of all the work and experimentation involved…even so I still would not recommend a hub motor for you.

I think mid drives are a much better, if more expensive, way to go. Mid drive kits use the bikes rear gears which is much better for going up hills and starting out from a stop. At the last meeting a new member brought his BBS02 kitted bike – it’s powerful and quiet and costs about $750. Everyone that rode it came off it with that now famous E-grin.

I have installed 3 of these motor kits now and in each case the owners are delighted. I have one and it’s so much better than the geared hub motor I had before. I installed one on a heavy tandem trike ( 100#’s for the trike and another 150#’s for the wife in addition to the 200#+ driver ) and the owner is delighted. And the most recent one I installed was on a new Specialized RockHopper 29er – the owner has 3 or 4 Bionx systems and says the BBS02 is far better in most ways, he also is delighted.


I think for a person that wants a great motor kit and battery – buy the motor kit and battery from a well respected USA based vendor. Sure you might get a better price at, Alibaba, or eBay but the shipping from China plus the customer support is a pita. I do not think it’s worth saving a few bucks for the potential issues.

I suggest or Ron Noe used Hi-Power and got a discount and he says they give great customer service. I got my 3 units from LectricCycles – got great customer service but paid full price. I did not know about Hi-Power at the time I got my units. I also think that Hi-Power has more battery options but the batteries need to be put into a canvas bag of some kind – so there is a bit more to the installation. The LectricCycles batteries are a bolt on affair to the water bottle inserts.

Oh, and I think this is VERY important – put your new motor kit on a bike with disc brakes…You WILL need disc brakes – rim brakes will not hold up to the heavier use that a mid drive motor will impart on your bike…especially if you are going to tow a trailer…mechanical discs are OK and easier to get the brake electrical disconnect set up on your bike…means that when you pull on the brake lever it shuts off the power.

Now for batteries. You want the battery to get you home and run for a min of 24 miles…
The battery size you require will depend on how much you contribute – in other words if you pedal along all the way you will probably make do with a 10Ah battery…but I would get more…I recommend 15Ah or more. Yes more Ah capacity costs more…but over the 5+, up to 8, year life of your battery you will not regret paying more for more range.

Because of your needs and wants – specifications – I recommend the 48v BBS02 [750w] motor kit. There is a 500w motor kit but I don’t get why one should get it. There is a 36v BBS01 motor kit of 350W’s but again because of your needs and wants I suggest the 750W – BBS02.

OK, why this motor kit when there are so many other choices out there? It’s a great quiet powerful reliable motor with a built in controller and great wire harness with snap together water resistant connectors and a control panel that is easy to use and set up. It drives through your bikes rear gears. It’s easy to install – with the complete install including battery of about 3 hours. Compared to other mid drive options it’s a very good price.

As soon as I saw this kit I was sold – it’s a solid ready for prime time ebike motor kit. I am sure that you will enjoy this kit and not be sorry you spent the money.