Electric Cars in 2012, the ultimate directory

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Electric Cars in 2012, the ultimate directory all text and pictures from from Translogic Vehicles




Coming from Italy and presented at the Bologna Motor Show, the first units of this vehicle designed by Dario di Camillo will be available by year-end

Doking XD

Presented as a concept several years ago the super-micro-car was exhibited at the LA Auto Show and should be available later this year.

Electric Ford Focus

Its price is already announced in the U.S. and production started in Wayne, Michigan. The Electric Ford Focus is expected by the end of 2012.

Honda Jazz EV (Fit EV)

The electric version of the Honda Jazz will be launched in the U.S., at a price of $ 38,657, so far no confirmation of its launch in Europe

Kia Venga EV

Even though it is likely to remain a test fleet (like the Kia Ray EV), we might see some Kia Venga EV on our roads

Lumeneo Neoma

The small French manufacturer announced a few weeks ago the arrival of a compact 4-seater based on technology developed for the Smera.

Renault Zoe

The compact and highly anticipated Zoe teased with the version Preview will be revealed later this year.


Renault Twizy

Already presented several times and available for test rides in Paris on the “Ile Seguin”, Renault 100% electric and urban two-seater car will be on the road from the beginning of the year.

As a reminder two version will be available, a version without license Twizy 45, and the Twizy 80.

Smart ED

Announced for the beginning of the year it should finally arrive only in September

Toyota iQ EV

After a reveal on February 12, and more recently as the FT-EVIII Concept at the Tokyo Motor show, the electric iQ will be available for rent.

Finally updates of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (announced on July 6th) with M and G versions will be launched in Japan.


Only one sedan for this year 2012, but a very important one for the industry and its manufacturer…

The Tesla Model S, that we reveal gradually over our articles, with a recent pricing confirmation (57.400$ before grants) is expected to arrive in Europe from fall 2012 (Signature Editions)


With the end of the Tesla Roadster, the reference electric sports car title is to be taken in the year 2012, and the manufacturers seem aware of that with an impressive line-up in perspective …

Audi R8 E-tron

The electric version of the R8 named E-Tron whose the last evolution (RSe-2) was revealed last May should finally be launch as a production vehicle this year

Exagon Furtive e-GT

The French Exagon Furtive-eGT does not lack of qualities starting by its style (undeniably beautiful), by the expertise of its designers (Exagon Engineering), of its testers (Nicolas Prost) and finally the technological option elected with an optional range extender …

It should finally reveal its price that is estimated around € 250,000

Lightning GT

Announced since 2009, the English Electric Supercar Lightning GT is making more and more exhibitions (testing at Silverstone, exhibited at Goodwood…) confirming the intentions of the brand regarding a launch later this year.

Not to mention the e-Alpha Wolf 2 that should have been presented in 2011 but has finally been postponed to 2012.

Australia will be granted with two electric sports-cars the ArcSpeed and the Varley EVR450


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